Friday, March 26, 2010

Background: Marcus and Kat Nadel

This afternoon, Krista and I were talking about why her life sucks. Where did these hardships come from? Could it be that she grew up in San Diego? That she was Vice President at her high school? That she got accepted to USC? No, no, and no. Although no one should have to endure those 3 hardships, we decided, after much deliberation, that the root of Krista's torment was worse than everything that I just mentioned. Worse than world hunger too. Krista's life is so hard because her parents, Marcus and Kat Nedel, have really hard lives.

Marcus and Kat Nedel met at the Renaissance Fair, married in 2008, and subsequently began to suffer together. Their relationship has been a long and painful one. Despite this, I am going to try to pinpoint the agony that clearly affected Krista. First, Marcus and Kat live within walking distance to the beach. What?! The beach?! That's tragic. Second, their store, Sanctum, is within walking distance to the beach. What?! Another beach?! That's also tragic. Third, they are so in love that wherever they go, people say, "You two look like you're so in love." What?! Love?! Wow, I have no words. Their lives are definitely hard enough to influence their daughter's life.

Below is a picture of Krista and her parents on vacation in Frankfurt, Germany. I don't think that I need any words to describe what Krista is thinking in this picture, but in case you were wondering, she's thinking, "I'm on vacation with my parents who love each other. My life is so hard."

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