Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eating Vanilla and Chocolate Swirled Ice Cream

Today, Krista was craving her favorite type of dessert, vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream. Although Cafe 84, the eating establishment next to our dorm, has Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican food and Jamba Juice, Krista couldn't possibly be burdened with eating those types of foods. So, she had to choose between our two cafeterias, Parkside and EVK. Naturally, Krista wanted to go to Parkside because of its proximity. However, she realized (yes, she was even burdened with enlightenment) that Parkside had separate dispensers for vanilla and chocolate ice cream. How could she possibly pull the lever for vanilla ice cream, pull the lever for chocolate ice cream, and use a spoon to mix the two ice creams to create her favorite dessert? She already had to wake up to go to class once today, how could the world expect her to swirl her own ice cream? Consequently, Krista was forced to walk to EVK instead of Parkside, where she successfully obtained her vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream at a great price. She had to make a choice, walk to EVK, and eat dessert. Her life is so hard.

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