Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunbathing at the Youth Triumphant Fountain

Today, after Krista delighted in vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream, she sat at the Youth Triumphant fountain. Out of all the places on campus, she sat at the Youth Triumphant fountain, an ode to the youth of USC, situated in between the Doheney Library and Bovard Auditorium. She could have easily been anywhere else, but she sat at the most gorgeous place on campus. It was completely unnecessary and ridiculous, we know. There, Krista conversed with her friend, Tess, basked in the California sun, and dipped her hands in the water. She couldn't believe that she had to do three tasks at the same time. Doesn't she have to put up with enough? Seriously, conversation, sunlight, and relaxation, all in one sitting. Her life is so hard.

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