Monday, March 29, 2010

Attending a Music Festival on Campus

Last night, Krista was aimlessly wandering campus in search of something to ameliorate her pain. However, instead of finding happiness and comfort, she stumbled upon a music festival in Alumni Park. When Krista heard the sweet music and saw the beautiful people and the free food and drink, she thought to herself, "Are you serious, USC? You're hosting a music festival when I have things to do? Wow." Krista had so many things to do last night...she had to determine whether or not she wanted to sleep with the AC on and she had to figure out what sweatpants to wear for tomorrow just to name a few. Why would USC throw free music, food, and drink in Krista's face during such stressful times? When a situation like this occurs, Krista can't help but to think that the world is working against her. As she sorrowfully stared at the concert, she knew that everyone around her could feel the presence of a pitiful person. She wanted to scream, "Yes, my name is Krista, and my life is so hard," but she couldn't because there was music playing. Sigh...another reason why her life is so hard.

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