Friday, March 26, 2010

Featured: Erby Lee Foster

Once or twice a week, when Krista is too distraught to share her hardships, we will feature another victim of This week, we are featuring Erby, a native of Los Angeles and a student at USC.

Erby, dubbed Polar Burr by the baby squirrels, came over last night, and while he was visiting, we noticed that he also suffers from adversity. On this difficult Thursday, Erby didn't have class, got free food from Daphne's...twice, and drank four Four Lokos with friends. In the picture below, we can see that both Erby and Krista are exuding anguish. The misery is practically seeping out of their barely there pores. They are probably thinking, "Oh my god. I am socializing on a Thursday night AND I'm in the arms of an attractive person. My life is so hard." Furthermore, although I'm not trying to broadcast Erby's terrible life even more, I would like to note that right before this picture was taken, Erby was using Krista as a pillow and me as an ottoman. He can't even enjoy the luxury of furniture so he uses girls instead. His life is so hard.


  1. Sheer brilliance. Jeez, how is it that life is so hard?

  2. his life is hard don't hate

  3. everyone's life is hard...