Saturday, March 27, 2010

Featured: Daniel Symons

This weekend, Krista left for home. Because my "muse" (I can't directly refer to her as my muse because she believes that being someone's muse is too much work) was coping with her life alone in San Diego, I found inspiration in another tormented soul.

My friend Daniel has a really hard life. Although I've known this since we first met in elementary school, I recently noticed that his life is actually twice as hard as everyone else's. Daniel grew up in two houses, one in Berkeley and one in Orinda, with two brothers, one older and one younger. How did I not realize this earlier? I'm not a psychiatrist or anything, but I'm pretty sure that if someone has TWO places to call home and TWO people to call brother, they feel DOUBLE the pain. This twofold torment has definitely become a trend in Daniel's life. During high school, his life was really hard in California AND in England because he started school in California and finished school in England. In California, Daniel always had to decide what to eat. How could he choose from Crepevine and Rick and Ann's? From Blondie's and Fat Slice? The possibilities for where to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner were endless...just like Daniel's grief. In England, Daniel never knew what time was tea time. Should he drink his English Breakfast in the morning or in the afternoon? And should his English Breakfast be accompanied by one or two crumpets? He just wasn't prepared to deal with such tragic situations. Luckily, when Daniel finished high school, he moved back to the US to attend Trinity. Unluckily, Daniel only attended Trinity for one semester because he was so smart that he got accepted to the London School of Economics, one of the top universities in the world. Poor Daniel, I know.

At the moment, Daniel still suffers from what Miley Cyrus calls the "best of both worlds" as he currently lives in Berkeley/Orinda, where he eats, drinks, and sleeps, but is moving to England, where he will eat, drink, and sleep. In the picture below, I can clearly see the dual agony that has plagued Daniel's life. Honestly, I'm just really glad that I'm not him because his life is so hard.

Edit: It was just brought to my attention that Daniel's life is THREE times as hard due to a third house in Berkeley. I don't really know what to say about that other than that Daniel will be in my thoughts.

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